Mission Statement
"Since its inception in August 2006, LifeGuard has been dedicated to education for individuals and the public on human reproduction, adoption, the effects of abortion on women and children, strengthening the institution of marriage through Natural Family Planning and promoting civil rights for all people. Life should be protected and honored at all stages and we are here to promote and establish that truth."
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of the Tuesday "vigil"?
Volunteers come from all around the Four Corners area to stand in silent prayer for the babies who lose their lives to abortion at Planned Parenthood every Tuesday at 9am. We try to save them, but if that fails, our presence witnesses to the dignity that others try to strip from them. The presence and prayer of those volunteers is the last, and perhaps the only act of love those babies will ever know. There are no radicals here, simply a group of Christians who pray together for an end to abortion. We do not picket - we are here to help. Anyone interested in coming to pray can come on Tuesday - Friday, 9am - 3pm.
What about the young moms in crisis?
LifeGuard has a wide variety of immediate resources for moms. Free ultrasounds, adoption services, financial support, emotional support, etc. can be tailored to each case as needed. We are dedicated to taking care of the needs of young moms as they arise.
How can I help?
LifeGuard gets no public funding, thus creating the constant need for financial support. The services we provide depend on a donor base that is ever changing and always much needed. Perhaps you can be an event sponsor or a sponsor who can pay the way of several youth who would like to attend SWCYC. Maybe being a monthly donor better fits your financial situation. ALL donations are necessary and very much appreciated. LifeGuard's mission to "protect the least of these" could not be possible without your help.
In addition to monetary help, we are always in need of volunteers who help with events or come weekly to join us in prayer at the Tuesday vigil. Prayer is our greatest weapon, and the presence of prayerful people speaks volumes.